Cornichons Bread and Butter de Grand-Maman Emma


This summer I spent a week wwoofing on Ferme Bord-du-Lac just outside of Montreal and had a magical time! I spent an afternoon making pickles according to Grand-Maman Emma’s recipe… Here it is for you to try


3.6kg green long cucumbers (10cm in length) – cut into cubes

700g Onions – en julienne 

1 Large Green Capsicum – en julienne

1 Large Red Capsicum – en julienne


165g salt 


4 cups white vinegar ½ tablespoon cumin

4 cups sugar   ½ teaspoon all spic

2 tablespoons Tumeric   ½ teaspoon clover

2 tablespoons mustard seeds   1 tablespoon celery seeds


Sterilise all your glass jars by immerging them in boiling water for 10 minutes before you fill with the mix – It’s important to be careful you don’t touch the jars once they are sterilised or touch the mix once you’ve put them into the jars, you need to avoid contaminating once everything has been sterilised


·     Wash the cucumbers well under icy water. Put them into a large container and pour the salt over making sure that the cucumbers are covered with the salt. Leave for 12 hours in the fridge so that the salt can draw out some of the moisture.

Wash the cucumbers three times ensuring that you remove as much of the salt off of them as possible

In a large stock pot put all the ingredients for the marinade and bring to the boil

** This is a good time to sterilise your bottling jars so that they’re ready to go once your vegetable mix has been in the marinade.



    Put the vegetables into the marinade in small quantities and bring to the boil. After about one minute, or when the cucumbers change colour, turn the heat off.


Fill the jars with the vegetables alone (no liquid) leaving space from the top of the jar


Cover the vegetables with marinade a few bottles at a time. Seal each jar as you go (careful of the heat!)


To seal the jars put them in the stock pot covered half way up with water and bring to the boil.


Your pickles will be ready in two weeks! 



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