the art of pants.

Women in pants. What a fabulous thing.


Historically, women wearing pants was important. It indicated a transition to the ‘working woman’ in society. Ladies participating in blue-collar work and having to wear pants to do so.

Basically, women had to step up during wartime and borrow male trousers to get shit done with all the fellas absent.




On the fashion front, Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel set the trés chic ‘women in pants’ scene in the 1930s. Here she is in 1916 (!) photographed wearing wide-leg, high waisted slacks. Like a boss.




Politically, nothing beats a fabulous pants suit on a woman. H.R. Clinton knows what I am talking about.

The current Secretary of State has been rocking the pantsuit ever since I can remember. She has a wardrobe full of these babies, just like a superhero. fightin’ crime.




SoS Pantsuit was also no stranger to the trouser crusade in her youth. I just love this photo of her.




For feminism in the 1960s and 70s, ladies in trousers became a common element in the revolt against gender inequality.


Today, most of us ladies take our trouser wearing for granted (I am totally guilty of this). The fact that we can jump out of bed and throw on a pair of slacks is still something to be grateful to our predecessors for.




Because pants symbolise freedom. Let’s think about women in Malawi, where up until 1994, it was illegal for them to wear trousers. Or Sudan, where a woman was convicted to a month’s jail time in 2009 for being ‘indecently dressed’ (she was wearing trousers).




So let’s appreciate the art of pants for women everywhere. 


 Wearing the Pants. Enjoy.





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